The Earthship Academy Campus is located in the Greater World Earthship Community in Taos, New Mexico. The classroom and lab-room are in one of the first Earthships built in this community in 1994. It is a 3 U modular Earthship and was the first Visitor Center for Earthship Biotecture.
It is a few minutes walk away from some of the job sites, student housing and current Visitor Center.

The campus also includes EVE (Earthship Village Ecologies) , the first sustainable testing site in the United States and the world where building permits are not required and we have the freedom to design and build different sustainable off the grid structures.







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Must be 21 and older to apply.

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Upcoming Academy Sessions

Earthship HQ
Date: 01 May 2017

Earthship HQ
Date: 01 June 2017

Earthship HQ
Date: 01 September 2017

Earthship HQ
Date: 01 October 2017

Earthship HQ
Date: 01 November 2017

Academy Courses

  • History and Evolution of the Earthship Concept
  • Thermal/Solar Heating and Cooling
  • Building with Natural and Recycled Materials
  • Water Harvesting, Storage and Filtration
  • Contained Sewage Treatment
  • The Water Organizing Module
  • The Gray Water Panel
  • How to Read Earthship Construction Drawings
  • Earthship Types
  • Simple Survival Earthships
  • Simple Survival Systems
  • Earthship Finishing Options and Techniques
  • Food Production in Earthships
  • Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Basics of Electricity
  • Solar and Wind Electric Systems in Earthships-
  • The Power Organizing Module
  • Earthship Job Site Safety
  • Earthship Terminology
  • Building Permit Process for Earthships
  • Earthship Village Ecologies, Test Sites and Colonies
  • Earthship Retrofit for Conventional Homes
  • Earthship Disaster Relief and Humanitarian Projects
  • Earthship Project Planning and Staging
  • The Owner/Builder Earthship Experience
  • Earthships in the Context of “Sustainable Architecture”
  • Academy Independent Study Overview for Proposals

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Academy Student Blogs

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About Earthship Biotecture

Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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