8 videos. Total length: 1 hour, 16 minutes. Webinar Videos

Michael Reynolds, inventor of the Earthship Concept sits down ‘with the world’ live, over the internet at the Phoenix Earthship. Entirely powered by the sun and the wind, the Earthship Webinar’ is broken down into 8 parts and covered all aspects of Earthship Biotecture.

Chat Transcript


03/20/2010 12:55:00: tanya smith: hello
03/20/2010 12:56:45: Christine Brosnan from United Kingdom: Hello from The Highlands of Scotland
03/20/2010 12:56:55: Daniel A. Dynan from PA: Greetings! =D
03/20/2010 12:56:56: tanya smith: Hello from Kitchener Ontario
03/20/2010 12:57:37: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: hi everybody, i m dennis from kingston/jamaica
03/20/2010 12:57:58: tanya smith: your voice is in and out…
03/20/2010 12:58:33: Maria Marasigan from New City, NY: hello from NY, sound is cutting in and out for me as well 03/20/2010 12:58:42: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: I can’t hear all the time either…not sure if is my connection…I can hear every little bit…
03/20/2010 12:58:45: Christine Brosnan from United Kingdom: me too
03/20/2010 12:58:47: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: Hi from Detroit! We’re totally looking forward to this over here!!!
03/20/2010 12:58:49: Bill Zenert from Regina, SK: big love to Kingston and the rest of the world!
03/20/2010 12:58:59: Earthship Biotecture: Thank you everyone for participating…
03/20/2010 12:59:01: tanya smith: no audio
03/20/2010 12:59:07: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: same here
03/20/2010 12:59:10: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: They seem to still be setting up 
03/20/2010 12:59:12: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: dito
03/20/2010 12:59:14: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: Carbon zero living, here we come!
03/20/2010 12:59:26: Christine Brosnan from United Kingdom: bring it on
03/20/2010 12:59:47: Earthship Biotecture: A recording will be available soon at http://earthship.com/webinar
03/20/2010 12:59:48: Jeshua Scheumack from Guerneville, CA: Very excited to be here!
03/20/2010 13:00:34: Leïlah Dufour Forget from montréal, Québec: Salut Marita!
03/20/2010 13:00:46: Marita Mariasine from mtl: hello
03/20/2010 13:01:22: Christine Brosnan from United Kingdom: audio is on and off!!
03/20/2010 13:01:24: tanya smith: no notes.
03/20/2010 13:01:25: Marita Mariasine from mtl: Is any one elses audio cutting in and out
03/20/2010 13:01:28: Riaana Hernandez Steele from Seattle WA: audio still patchy….
03/20/2010 13:01:31: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: yeah
03/20/2010 13:01:31: helen thomson from netherlands: yep
03/20/2010 13:01:32: tanya smith: audio is in and out.
03/20/2010 13:01:33: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: i changed my mic settings and that helped, but audio is still cutting out some…
03/20/2010 13:01:34: Maria Marasigan from New City, NY: sound pleaaaase
03/20/2010 13:01:35: Daniel A. Dynan from PA: Yeah, same here.
03/20/2010 13:01:40: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: yes the audio keeps going in and out
03/20/2010 13:01:46: Melissa mccranels from golden, co: my audio is out too!
03/20/2010 13:01:47: Valerie Rossman from Tullahoma, TN: audio in and out here too
03/20/2010 13:01:48: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Same here
03/20/2010 13:01:53: Jeshua Scheumack from Guerneville, CA: Audio is cutting out
03/20/2010 13:01:53: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: same here
03/20/2010 13:01:57: William Barfuss from Los Alamos, New Mexico: ditto
03/20/2010 13:02:00: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Lets all stop chat typing and see if that helps the sound….
03/20/2010 13:02:29: Earthship Biotecture: sorry about the audio! trying to fix.
03/20/2010 13:03:11: Cliff Pamment from Australia: Cliff Pamment from AUSTRALIA hI there
03/20/2010 13:03:45: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: G’day cliff 🙂
03/20/2010 13:03:55: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: (NZ)
03/20/2010 13:04:50: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: for those of us at near poverty income but a piece of property how can we build an earthship when the prices you list to build seems so out of reach
03/20/2010 13:06:08: tanya smith: audio is improving, but still choppy.
03/20/2010 13:06:35: [Private Message to all Presenters] – paulette zander from e, nm: audio is not good
03/20/2010 13:06:42: Christine Gascon from Québec: choppy here as well!
03/20/2010 13:06:50: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: here too
03/20/2010 13:07:08: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: audio is also cutting out for me.
03/20/2010 13:07:28: trista johns: in michigan as well, but improving! 
03/20/2010 13:08:32: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Audio is cutting out
03/20/2010 13:08:33: [Private Message to all Presenters] – Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: can system be added after building, in cases without funding?, or is it always best to wait and start with the systems box?
03/20/2010 13:08:43: Jeshua Scheumack from Guerneville, CA: Audio is cutting out
03/20/2010 13:08:44: tanya smith: getting worse.
03/20/2010 13:08:52: Cliff Pamment from Australia: Still cutting in and out
03/20/2010 13:08:59: lina salyte from Coventry UK: audio isn’t too good, Coventry UK
03/20/2010 13:09:11: [Private Message to all Presenters] – paulette zander from e, nm: getting worse
03/20/2010 13:09:26: helen thomson from netherlands: no good in nl either, about 50% coming through
03/20/2010 13:09:42: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: Trista, what part of Mich? We are in Detroit area.
03/20/2010 13:09:49: Tyler Wachal from Winnipeg: is anyone getting full audio?
03/20/2010 13:09:51: tanya smith: does anyone in this webinar have good audio?
03/20/2010 13:09:56: Jonah Reynolds: the recording of this event will be free for everyone
03/20/2010 13:10:02: phoebe grealy from sydney, australia: Hi Cliff, where in Aus are you?
03/20/2010 13:10:04: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Everyone please: if you continue chatting you continue to tax the bandwidth and the up/download speeds
03/20/2010 13:10:04: helen thomson from netherlands: thanks jonah
03/20/2010 13:10:10: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Shadows are growing longer on Mike’s face
03/20/2010 13:10:15: Valerie Rossman from Tullahoma, TN: thank you Jonah
03/20/2010 13:10:15: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: not here in Cleveland Ohio
03/20/2010 13:10:25: Jeri Sahlin from Silver City, New Mexico: audio bad here too
03/20/2010 13:10:32: Christine Gascon from Québec: Reynold doesn’t seem to know we aren’t getting much of what he’s saying
03/20/2010 13:10:55: Scott Alexander from Eugene, OR: agreed, audio is in and out, I’ve improved my bandwidth, I’ve reduced the processes my machine is running, but still cutting in and out, 
03/20/2010 13:10:58: Cliff Pamment from Australia: Hi Phoebe From the Gold coast
03/20/2010 13:11:26: trista johns: tom, email me later – tristajohns@yahoo.com“>tristajohns@yahoo.com
03/20/2010 13:11:31: Melissa mccranels from golden, co: is there any way he can puase his lecture till the audio is fixed???
03/20/2010 13:11:39: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: thanks trista! will do!
03/20/2010 13:11:42: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Here in Switzerland/Europe, Audio is cutting in and out, just kind of 50% are arriving…
03/20/2010 13:11:52: Scott Alexander from Eugene, OR: I would guess it”s server side, and hope that the downloadable playback doesn’t have this issue
03/20/2010 13:11:56: Marita Mariasine from mtl: I need to know about the Haiti plan, sound is choppy, I<m not getting any of it
03/20/2010 13:12:05: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: sadly the sound probably will not get much better with more people logging on
03/20/2010 13:12:27: Christine Gascon from Québec: and chatting!
03/20/2010 13:12:34: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.net/haiti-disaster-relief.html
03/20/2010 13:12:54: Jonah Reynolds: apologies again for the sound. trying to fix now.
03/20/2010 13:13:07: Jonah Reynolds: again: recording available for everyone at earthship.com
03/20/2010 13:13:15: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: ok, thank you.
03/20/2010 13:13:20: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: Thank you Jonah
03/20/2010 13:14:09: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Free recording available for everyone at earthship.com ???
03/20/2010 13:14:14: Scott Alexander from Eugene, OR: thx Jonah, wish I could help =)
03/20/2010 13:14:21: Jonah Reynolds: ye
03/20/2010 13:14:23: Jonah Reynolds: yes
03/20/2010 13:14:48: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Great! Thanks!!! I’m looking forward… :))
03/20/2010 13:14:59: Cliff Pamment from Australia: Hi Nathan Ruslton and Phoebe My email is c.pamment@bigpond.com“>c.pamment@bigpond.com
03/20/2010 13:16:26: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: hiya Cliff
03/20/2010 13:16:35: phoebe grealy from sydney, australia: thanks Cliff
03/20/2010 13:17:31: [Private Message to all Presenters] – Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: I would like to know what is the best kind of wet saw/tool to get for cuttin bottles?
03/20/2010 13:20:46: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/begin-here/pockets-of-freedom
03/20/2010 13:21:04: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/codes-regulations-laws/codes-regulations-laws
03/20/2010 13:22:54: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Jonah, will that recording be available to us at anytime in the near future?
03/20/2010 13:23:08: lina salyte from Coventry UK: did any earthships needed any geothermal pums installed?
03/20/2010 13:23:13: Jonah Reynolds: as soon as we can render the video and place on the server. 😉
03/20/2010 13:23:26: Jonah Reynolds: havent had an earthship with geothermal yet
03/20/2010 13:23:39: lina salyte from Coventry UK: thanks
03/20/2010 13:23:53: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Lem-.lemch (thank you ) Jonah
03/20/2010 13:23:54: Helene Dube from Chertesy: In a way it is geothermal since it’s buried
03/20/2010 13:24:01: trista johns from michigan: so, we will be able to watch at any time? 
03/20/2010 13:24:35: tanya smith: um, what did he say??
03/20/2010 13:24:38: Jonah Reynolds: you can download at www.earthship.com/webinar and watch online
03/20/2010 13:25:22: trista johns from michigan: within a few days?
03/20/2010 13:25:35: tanya smith: will we need a password or anything to download the webinar later?
03/20/2010 13:25:37: Jonah Reynolds: I hope so…
03/20/2010 13:25:54: Jonah Reynolds: yes. everyone will be sent a password
03/20/2010 13:25:59: tanya smith: ok thanks!
03/20/2010 13:26:09: trista johns from michigan: awesome! i’m sure you will do your best
03/20/2010 13:26:27: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: thanks! 
03/20/2010 13:26:28: Jonah Reynolds: hear the birds? 😉
03/20/2010 13:26:38: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: yes!
03/20/2010 13:26:41: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: yes we do!
03/20/2010 13:26:53: Jonah Reynolds: there are a lot of birds in the green house
03/20/2010 13:26:58: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Yes! Can’t wait to hear coquis in the house I eventually build in Puerto Rico!
03/20/2010 13:27:06: lina salyte from Coventry UK: shame but not all mike’s words
03/20/2010 13:27:26: Earthship Biotecture: Sorry about the audio. We will have a recording avaialble on the website.
03/20/2010 13:27:26: Christine Gascon from Québec: quite different then the bird we have out here in Canada!
03/20/2010 13:28:01: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Jonah, is there a list on Eartship.com of which states are helpful/hindrance to earthsip projects?
03/20/2010 13:28:22: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/begin-here/pockets-of-freedom
03/20/2010 13:28:27: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: i know 2012 is an unpopular contoversial subject but how does an earthship stand up to fire, flood. earthquake, hurricane, tornado, etc., as compared to conventional housing
03/20/2010 13:28:40: Jonah Reynolds: MUCH MUCH better
03/20/2010 13:28:50: Jonah Reynolds: Earthships survive disasters much better
03/20/2010 13:28:58: Jonah Reynolds: so they are a better risk for insurance companies
03/20/2010 13:29:03: Jonah Reynolds: therefore more valuable for banks
03/20/2010 13:29:18: Jonah Reynolds: It is all about educated the people working in the Institutions…
03/20/2010 13:29:33: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: true true. good to know 
03/20/2010 13:29:34: Jonah Reynolds: An Earthship wont be a total loss
03/20/2010 13:30:33: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/earthship-systems
03/20/2010 13:30:49: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/sewage
03/20/2010 13:31:07: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: great now if we can figure out how to build more economically for those of us making under 20k yr
03/20/2010 13:31:29: Christine Gascon from Québec: When are you planning to go to haîti? And where about?
03/20/2010 13:32:02: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: What’s the fundraising status for Haiti? I offered some lodging for people in transit.
03/20/2010 13:32:16: Jonah Reynolds: Engineering Report: http://earthship.com/education/earthship-books/details/8/2/books/earthship-engineer’s-report.html
03/20/2010 13:32:23: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Paula, with your hands, ingenuity, and the teamwork of key neighbors… thats how this concept of Earthships and affordability holds together.
03/20/2010 13:32:38: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.net/haiti-disaster-relief.html
03/20/2010 13:33:04: Jonah Reynolds: Haiti is coming up in April.
03/20/2010 13:33:08: Jonah Reynolds: Raising money now
03/20/2010 13:33:14: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: thanks randyn…smile…
03/20/2010 13:33:23: Jonah Reynolds: we purchased one of the geodesic yurts
03/20/2010 13:33:28: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: On the groun i Haiti by April?
03/20/2010 13:33:29: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: which county did he mention?
03/20/2010 13:33:38: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: in California to avoid?
03/20/2010 13:33:40: Jonah Reynolds: Ventura County in California
03/20/2010 13:33:46: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: oh too bad
03/20/2010 13:33:51: Jonah Reynolds: yes, Haiti in April
03/20/2010 13:33:55: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: what about big sur – monterey county?
03/20/2010 13:33:58: trista johns from michigan: what else may they require after a septic permit?
03/20/2010 13:34:15: Jonah Reynolds: dont know about monterey county… yet
03/20/2010 13:34:27: Jonah Reynolds: they require a lot of permits, fees, etc.
03/20/2010 13:34:36: Jonah Reynolds: VERY slow
03/20/2010 13:34:37: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: i’ll find out. I’ll call them on Monday
03/20/2010 13:34:54: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/begin-here/pockets-of-freedom
03/20/2010 13:34:58: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: hi jonah, i read the books and just watched the 2009 dvd. could you briefly line out the components not needed in an earthship in the tropics (jamaica). i guess greenhouse/glass front is not required and will drop the cost.are there any other components that can be left out and therefore will reduce overall cost in a tropical climate?
03/20/2010 13:35:12: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/component/content/article/26-beginhere/694-immediate-actioncopenhagen-talks-global-executive-order.html
03/20/2010 13:35:14: Christine Gascon from Québec: for how long do you plan to stay tere? And are you planning to go back in a couple months for the 2nd phase?
03/20/2010 13:35:43: trista johns from michigan: ive called, what permits would they require that would tell me that we are free or not?
03/20/2010 13:36:04: Jonah Reynolds: Will be in Haiti fo about 10 day and build structures for 36 locals and teach them how to do it…
03/20/2010 13:36:04: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.net/haiti-disaster-relief.html
03/20/2010 13:36:25: Jonah Reynolds: Permits: not many requirements
03/20/2010 13:36:45: Jonah Reynolds: example: a set of architectural drawings, sewage permit and an engineer tamp
03/20/2010 13:36:54: Jonah Reynolds: that would be a green count… a Pocket of Freedom
03/20/2010 13:37:06: Jonah Reynolds: This was Miles City, Montana
03/20/2010 13:37:09: Christine Gascon from Québec: Map of pockets of freedom around the world?
03/20/2010 13:37:26: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/begin-here/pockets-of-freedom
03/20/2010 13:38:02: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: I am planning on building here on the ndn reservation and the only permit I will need is for electrical work.
03/20/2010 13:38:20: Jonah Reynolds: you are in a pocket of freedom. 😉
03/20/2010 13:38:27: Jonah Reynolds: what county and state?
03/20/2010 13:38:34: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: lucky guy
03/20/2010 13:38:43: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Hi Jonah! Do you know about permits for an earthship in Switzerland/Europe?
03/20/2010 13:38:46: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: seriously
03/20/2010 13:38:49: Tom Lampros from Cambridge, NY: what exactly are the objections in the building codes? Septic? Construction method? Fire proof?
03/20/2010 13:38:49: Jonah Reynolds: will place on map
03/20/2010 13:39:11: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: stevens county washington state. “Don’t tell anyone”
03/20/2010 13:39:13: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Was this answer for me?
03/20/2010 13:39:49: Susan Welsh from kansas city, ks: The Phoneix has a “cooling arch ” behind the main structure- how is that working in comparision to the ship in Pima with the Cooling Tubes going into the northern mass?- I know off topic but I am wondering- yes!!! Sign-offs- I am responsiable for my own decsions
03/20/2010 13:39:58: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: fish too?!
03/20/2010 13:40:13: Jonah Reynolds: issues: A LOT OF FISH
03/20/2010 13:40:27: Jonah Reynolds: THE ‘COOLING ARCH’ IS JUST AN ARCH THAT CREATES SHADE
03/20/2010 13:40:33: phoebe grealy from sydney, australia: How about permits in Australia?
03/20/2010 13:40:36: Jonah Reynolds: THERE ARE FROGS AND LIZARDS THERE TOO
03/20/2010 13:40:59: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: brilliant
03/20/2010 13:41:01: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Are the fish part of the weekly diet, and how much infrastructure support does the earthsip need to be able to support a sustainable “fish farm”?
03/20/2010 13:41:03: Riaana Hernandez Steele from Seattle WA: If the house is partaily under ground, is radon an issue?
03/20/2010 13:41:11: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: Again: How about permits in Switzerland/Europe???
03/20/2010 13:41:16: Jonah Reynolds: WE EAT THE FISH ALL THE TIME
03/20/2010 13:41:17: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.COM/food/food-production-in-a-green-building
03/20/2010 13:41:29: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: wow awesome, fish, lizards, frogs… what a great environment for a child
03/20/2010 13:41:35: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: to be raised in
03/20/2010 13:41:55: Marita Mariasine from mtl: I have contacts for haiti project. Are yo guys already set with what you need?
03/20/2010 13:42:48: Marzia Narayani from Losone, Ticino: ok, thanx!
03/20/2010 13:43:16: Jonah Reynolds: CHAT QUESTIONS HERE FOR MICHAEL. THANKS!
03/20/2010 13:43:23: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: could you answer the question about radon
03/20/2010 13:43:31: Tyler Wachal from Winnipeg: I don’t know how it works elsewhere but where I live in Manitoba Canada, it takes a court injuction to force you to stop construction if you don’t have a building permit. This takes a judge, in a system that is backed up 6 months. Once you have a building they can’t take it down or kick you unless its deemed unsafe. All they can do here is fine you (not much more then the building permit) and reassess your taxes. If you are willing to take risks you could research this avenue in your area.
03/20/2010 13:43:40: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: can we come volunteer on a project, eg in Australia
03/20/2010 13:43:55: Susan Hanks: Would we be able to access previous webinars online in addition to this one?
03/20/2010 13:44:01: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Manitoba, some good last-bastion Canadian socialism there…
03/20/2010 13:44:09: Jonah Reynolds: PREVIOUS WEBINARS ARE NOT AVAILABLE YET
03/20/2010 13:44:41: Christine Gascon from Québec: Will gardens be made around the haïti relief projects?
03/20/2010 13:44:41: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: what is special on earthships in the tropics?
03/20/2010 13:44:42: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: How do the Earthship systems and architecture perform in northern climates like Michigan?
03/20/2010 13:44:43: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/this-is-action
03/20/2010 13:44:44: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: hello friends
03/20/2010 13:44:53: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: YES Mike!!
03/20/2010 13:45:09: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: joo mike!!!
03/20/2010 13:45:27: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/copenhagen-video
03/20/2010 13:45:40: Cliff Pamment from Australia: What precautions do you take against termites , we have a very real problem in Australia
03/20/2010 13:45:42: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: I would love to try the internship, but I can’t afford to not work at my job for that long. How else can I contribute? 
03/20/2010 13:46:17: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/get-involved
03/20/2010 13:46:30: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/begin-here
03/20/2010 13:46:41: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Radon areas is taken care of like any other home with a basement
03/20/2010 13:46:42: Deor Braun from Missouri: Is there a way that you can mitigate dampness and mold issues in damp humid climates?
03/20/2010 13:47:44: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: From website: ‘BALLPARK’ COSTS OF AN EARTHSHIP HOME ARE AS FOLLOWS…40% LABOR 40% MATERIALS 20% SYSTEMS AND SUBCONTRACTORS
03/20/2010 13:47:51: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/communities/earthship-village-ecologies
03/20/2010 13:48:17: Jonah Reynolds: KEEP THEM COMING. THANKS!
03/20/2010 13:48:33: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: thanks jonah
03/20/2010 13:48:55: helen thomson from netherlands: Do you need more volunteers for Haiti?
03/20/2010 13:49:12: lina salyte from Coventry UK: EU Europe?
03/20/2010 13:49:16: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: For tropial climates within hurricane alley, and considering the sun is ever abundant, what is the recommended orientation of an earthsip? 
03/20/2010 13:49:33: helen thomson from netherlands: If someone in Oz gets permissions lined up, what is the next step to getting a demonstration project happening, and what sort of costs?
03/20/2010 13:49:40: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: thanks! have you been experimenting with permaculture in/around the earthship yet?
03/20/2010 13:49:41: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: I would really love to live in an E.V.E…. 
03/20/2010 13:49:50: Ben Rasmussen: Tyler I’m planning to build in manitoba and would like to speak to you about it if you would like. please contact me @ benettrasmusen@gmail.com“>benettrasmusen@gmail.com thanks!
03/20/2010 13:50:17: Scott Alexander from Eugene, OR: me too Elissa
03/20/2010 13:50:39: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: How to afford it? With a little committment, first off… and positive, law-of-attraction mental response factors.
03/20/2010 13:51:17: Christine Gascon from Québec: law-of-attraction mental response factors?
03/20/2010 13:51:18: Jonah Reynolds: CANADA: http://earthship.com/americas-canada/earthship-biotecture-canada
03/20/2010 13:51:34: Jeri Sahlin from Silver City, New Mexico: do the tires leach out petro chemicals?
03/20/2010 13:52:12: Daniel A. Dynan from PA: Will there be any Internships opening in the Galapagos?
03/20/2010 13:52:18: Tom Lampros from Cambridge, NY: Please address issues of building in cold, wet climates (especially NorthEast US)
03/20/2010 13:52:44: Rebekah Azen from Tesuque, NM: Does anyone know where these “sustainable testing sites” are which he just mentioned for village ecologies?
03/20/2010 13:52:59: Karin Svec from Yukon, Canada: Earthship in any climate – how would you deal with the limitations for North of 60? Permanently frozen soil (permafrost), low angle of sun year round, limited amount of sun, to name but a few?
03/20/2010 13:53:30: Jonah Reynolds: INTERNSHIPS TO GALAPAGOS: YES: http://earthship.com/buildings/codes-and-laws/671-give-galapagos-institute-of-village-ecologies.html
03/20/2010 13:53:59: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: I live in high radon area and they just vent from underneath the basement cement floor to the outside.
03/20/2010 13:54:05: [Private Message to all Presenters] – Scott Dent from Salida, CO: Wondering about the status of the Solar Toilet.
03/20/2010 13:54:54: valerie rossman from tullahoma tn: johah, i emailed questions to kbase@earthship. do i need to retype them here?
03/20/2010 13:54:58: Jonah Reynolds: MILES CITY, MONTANA” http://earthship.com/demonstration/miles-city-montana-2009-earthship-internship
03/20/2010 13:55:09: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: what do you think about going to local colleges and enlisting student volunteers from ecology and environmental classes, etc. to help build a model home for the community as part of a class project or extra curricular activity
03/20/2010 13:55:54: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/comfort-in-any-climate/comfort-earthships-maintain-comfortable-temperatures-in-any-climate
03/20/2010 13:56:37: Susan Welsh from kansas city, ks: Thank you! Thank you Thank you for that answer about the cooling tubes!
03/20/2010 13:57:15: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: thx too! will the cooling tubes perform without a closed off greenhouse?
03/20/2010 13:57:52: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: >>no glass like at the negril/jamaica earthship?
03/20/2010 13:58:11: Jonah Reynolds: COOLING TUBES INTERACT WITH THE GREENHOUSE.
03/20/2010 13:58:32: Pete Carson from New Jersey: what is the difference in thermal dynamics between the U-Shaped rooms vs. Circlular rooms (ex: Corner Cottage vs. Negril)
03/20/2010 13:58:35: Kjell Olsen from France: Mike just mentioned minnesota: anyone know of plans for an earthship going up there? To my knowledge there aren’t any yet…
03/20/2010 13:58:46: Jonah Reynolds: JAMAICA http://earthship.com/demonstration/jamaica-earthship-demo-december-2008-january-2009
03/20/2010 13:59:48: Jonah Reynolds: BAJA http://earthship.com/mexico-news/680-todos-santos-earthship-project-february-2010.html
03/20/2010 14:00:48: valerie rossman from tullahoma tn: is there a way to measure how much water is in the cisterns at any time and how much you are using? same with electricity…storage and usage?
03/20/2010 14:01:03: William Barfuss from Los Alamos, New Mexico: sound seems to be better when mike is talking, mine goes out whenever the tech asks a question; same for others?
03/20/2010 14:01:19: Deor Braun from Missouri: The problem here is that the outside air is VERY saturated in the summer. The cooling tubes sound promising though.
03/20/2010 14:01:28: Christine Gascon from Québec: what f you shower more then you flush? Do you drawn you garden?
03/20/2010 14:01:45: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: I didn
03/20/2010 14:01:56: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: ‘t know I could do only a week… aweseome!
03/20/2010 14:02:02: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: thanks!
03/20/2010 14:02:08: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: Same sound issue when the tech talks here too
03/20/2010 14:02:37: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: weekly intern program at what cost
03/20/2010 14:03:46: Susan Welsh from kansas city, ks: deor- I will be building in MO/Ks too- swelsh3@hotmail.com-“>swelsh3@hotmail.com- maybe we can compare notes as we go?
03/20/2010 14:03:56: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: Thank you so much!!
03/20/2010 14:04:05: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: I’m WILLING! and MOSTLY available! I’ve been looking for projects around michigan. $100/week! WOW! I’m coming!
03/20/2010 14:04:14: Christine Gascon from Québec: If I have to team coming to my place to help build,will my volonteerin friends be considered interns (or have to pay you for your expertise?)
03/20/2010 14:04:45: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: jooo joo mikey!!! how much would an earthship cost?!
03/20/2010 14:04:48: Christine Gascon from Québec: I have plenty of seed to provide the project
03/20/2010 14:04:53: Christine Gascon from Québec: That is wy I ask
03/20/2010 14:05:00: Christine Gascon from Québec: Plenty plenty to donate
03/20/2010 14:05:04: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: how much does the systeme package cost??
03/20/2010 14:05:24: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: Is it possible to bould it on your own??
03/20/2010 14:05:40: Christine Gascon from Québec: better to send them to your site in haïti or to you in Taos?
03/20/2010 14:05:45: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Can I learn enough from your dvd series to build my own earthship?
03/20/2010 14:06:11: Jonah Reynolds: Earthships generally cost about the same as conventional buildings cost in your area. The main difference is that Earthship come with all of their own systems
03/20/2010 14:06:33: Anna Flick from Graz, Steiermark: thanks 😉
03/20/2010 14:06:41: Jonah Reynolds: BEST TO SEND INTERNS TO TAOS
03/20/2010 14:07:25: lina salyte from Coventry UK: i have a question: there are fairly called winters in Lithuania (northern europe) and you are required to have 1.5 metres deep foundation to avoid freeze lifting up the wall. any ideas about overcoming this issue, as I know you need some foundation at least fo the greenhouse, thnks
03/20/2010 14:07:25: Jonah Reynolds: SEMINAR DVD
03/20/2010 14:07:28: Jonah Reynolds: THE BOOKS
03/20/2010 14:08:07: Susan Hanks: I was wondering about the dvds too. How much of the building process is shown as it happens?
03/20/2010 14:08:21: Jonah Reynolds: BUILDER’S PACKAGE:http://earthship.com/store/specials/details/17/4/specials/ultimate-earthship-builder’s-special.html
03/20/2010 14:08:31: Ben Rasmussen: Any plans for a detail book of the global model?
03/20/2010 14:08:52: Jonah Reynolds: GLOBAL MODEL HOW TO BOOK IS COMING SOON.
03/20/2010 14:09:01: Ben Rasmussen: Thanks!
03/20/2010 14:09:03: Paul America: Yes it is!
03/20/2010 14:09:24: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: Yay!
03/20/2010 14:09:36: Jonah Reynolds: HAITI – http://earthship.net/haiti-disaster-relief.html
03/20/2010 14:10:12: Susan Hanks: Because I have read all three of the books, but learn best by doing or watching the actual process.
03/20/2010 14:10:25: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: is there information about how to figure how much green house space is needed in a given climate to heat & cool a given amount of sf living space?
03/20/2010 14:10:52: Christine Gascon from Québec: will you be able to go to haiti even if you can’t gather the 74 000$ hoped for?
03/20/2010 14:11:58: Rebekah Azen from Tesuque, NM: Where are these sustainable testing sites for village ecologies?
03/20/2010 14:12:05: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: PIONEERS
03/20/2010 14:12:57: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/communities/the-greater-world-earthship-community
03/20/2010 14:13:11: paulette zander from e, nm: new comer michael will be in the euro june 1 .have bin tring to get there for 4 years.
03/20/2010 14:13:41: Christine Gascon from Québec: thanks for repeating the questions!
03/20/2010 14:14:42: Ben Rasmussen: Any words of wisdom for aproaching building authorities with such a building project? ( more than mentioned on the website)
03/20/2010 14:14:49: valerie rossman from tullahoma tn: thank you. my concern was more geared towards the need to know in a drought situation or cloudy winters as we’ve had in the south east.
03/20/2010 14:15:07: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Jonah, you said the book “gobal model” is coming out soon, do you know exactly when?
03/20/2010 14:16:27: Rebekah Azen from Tesuque, NM: Where is the greater world, earthship headquarters?
03/20/2010 14:16:38: helen thomson from netherlands: Thanks a lot Mike.
03/20/2010 14:17:02: helen thomson from netherlands: We’ll keep you posted as to our permissions and the land and how things shape up!
03/20/2010 14:17:12: Jonah Reynolds: TAOS, NM. USA http://earthship.com/begin-here/visit-us-earthship-world-headquarters
03/20/2010 14:17:16: Jeri Sahlin from Silver City, New Mexico: does the adobe seal off any chance of the tires outgassing?
03/20/2010 14:17:31: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Mike said old tires no longer off gas
03/20/2010 14:17:39: dennis eckart from kingston, jamaica: do you have any plans/strategies for applying earthships in urban areas?
03/20/2010 14:17:46: brandon mccartney from simpson, saskatchewan: Can you tell us more about your home made windmills? And how much power it generates
03/20/2010 14:17:58: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: (NZ) Hi Michael, – Do you have plans for setting up satelite business around the world, like your own, or do you expect people to start up their own … what are the intellectual rights for the “Earthship” brand, cheers
03/20/2010 14:18:51: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Good question Nathan, would like that answer too….
03/20/2010 14:18:58: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: what is your opinion about using tire bales 
03/20/2010 14:19:07: lina salyte from Coventry UK: me too
03/20/2010 14:19:36: Ben Rasmussen: Do the cisterns run a chance of freezing in an area with deep frost layers? ( outside the thermal wrap) How would you combat this if this is the case?
03/20/2010 14:19:52: Jonah Reynolds: WILL SEND AN EMAIL OUT TO EVERYONE.
03/20/2010 14:19:57: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: thanks
03/20/2010 14:20:29: helen thomson from netherlands: Cheers, Mike & Jonah
03/20/2010 14:20:35: paulette zander from e, nm: michael from fl. taking paulette place what do think about led lighting systems.
03/20/2010 14:20:58: Susan Welsh from kansas city, ks: Please do not refund my $- this was great!
03/20/2010 14:21:07: Jonah Reynolds: THANKS SUSAN!
03/20/2010 14:21:18: Jonah Reynolds: ALL PROCEEDS BENEFIT THE HAITI PROJECT
03/20/2010 14:21:23: Gregory Ramos from Wellpinit: Tell Mr. Reynolds thanks for answering my question and I will be pounding tire until his “global model” book comes out.
03/20/2010 14:21:27: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: refund? I’m not worried about such either – keep the $!
03/20/2010 14:21:36: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: keep the $
03/20/2010 14:21:52: James Rudolph from Sebastopol , CA: are there any earthships in Michigan?
03/20/2010 14:21:58: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: don’t give my money back
03/20/2010 14:22:04: Christine Gascon from Québec: thanks
03/20/2010 14:22:15: Jonah Reynolds: MICHIGAN… NOT THAT WE KNOW OF. CHECK THE MAP:
03/20/2010 14:22:16: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/america-new-mexico/earthship-global-network
03/20/2010 14:22:32: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: How many people are commited to your Haiti trip? I have a deep pool of people here in the Dom Rep
03/20/2010 14:22:48: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: i’ve HEard of a few PLANS – but non as of yet. One was stopped because of regulations
03/20/2010 14:23:02: James Rudolph from Sebastopol , CA: I will build the first one in Michigan!
03/20/2010 14:23:37: Karin Svec from Yukon, Canada: Thanks for answering my Q! Extreme climate takes extreme measures – makes sense!
03/20/2010 14:23:39: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: I’ll e-mail you with the potential resources I can draw from.
03/20/2010 14:23:45: Jonah Reynolds: 5757-751-0462
03/20/2010 14:23:49: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: james, are you currently in mich?
03/20/2010 14:23:54: Jonah Reynolds: 575-751-0462
03/20/2010 14:23:59: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: James – I’ll help you! want my contact info?
03/20/2010 14:24:09: James Rudolph from Sebastopol , CA: yes
03/20/2010 14:24:18: Jonah Reynolds: EARTHSHIP FORUMS: http://earthship.com/education/forums.html
03/20/2010 14:24:19: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: tristajohns@yahoo.com“>tristajohns@yahoo.com
03/20/2010 14:24:36: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: we are too. my email is dianegeiger313@yahoo.com“>dianegeiger313@yahoo.com (I’m Diane, Tom’s fiance)
03/20/2010 14:24:49: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: LOL
03/20/2010 14:24:52: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: trista, you can use that email address too. 🙂
03/20/2010 14:24:56: Chris Ward from Grand Rapids, MI: wardchrisl@aim.com“>wardchrisl@aim.com if you need help in MI
03/20/2010 14:25:36: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: can septic be put in in a city?
03/20/2010 14:25:44: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: come help me build an earthship in waco texas!!! respond to pallen44@hotmail.com“>pallen44@hotmail.com
03/20/2010 14:26:15: Karin Svec from Yukon, Canada: Anna from Graz – are you planning on building an earthship? My parents live 1 1/2 hrs from your city. Would be very interested in your progress! karin.svec@gmail.com“>karin.svec@gmail.com
03/20/2010 14:26:55: James Rudolph from Sebastopol , CA: my contact info Jamesrudolph99@yahoo.com“>Jamesrudolph99@yahoo.com
03/20/2010 14:26:59: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: Thank you Jonah! 
03/20/2010 14:27:19: John Wendling from Berea, Oh: Thanks Jonah, it’s been a great wenar
03/20/2010 14:27:22: Justine Leong from Los Angeles: thank you i’m so inspired. I want to find dirt and build one!
03/20/2010 14:27:54: phoebe grealy from sydney, australia: thank you this has been great! hopefully we can get the first one in Australia built soon!
03/20/2010 14:28:08: Christine Gascon from Québec: thanks to you!! I will write an e-mail about the vegetable seeds…
03/20/2010 14:28:22: Tom Lampros from Cambridge, NY: How can we connect with others in our area that are doing similar work?
03/20/2010 14:28:40: Jonah Reynolds: EARTHSHIP GLOBAL NETWORK: http://earthship.com/america-new-mexico/earthship-global-network
03/20/2010 14:28:50: Jonah Reynolds: JOIN US AT WWW.EARTHSHIP.COM
03/20/2010 14:29:00: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: Thanks! I am interested in building music centered community centers, preferably in cities…please tell me how you think I should best start…
03/20/2010 14:29:06: Jonah Reynolds: FORUMS: http://earthship.com/education/forums.html
03/20/2010 14:29:26: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: how will you supervise?
03/20/2010 14:29:31: Jonah Reynolds: GET INVOLVED: http://earthship.com/get-involved
03/20/2010 14:29:35: Cliff Pamment from Australia: Thanks Michael and Jonah really love the call
03/20/2010 14:30:13: helen thomson from netherlands: Rock n roll mate.
03/20/2010 14:30:14: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: Many thanks for the continuing inspirations!! nmgal007@msn.com“>nmgal007@msn.com
03/20/2010 14:30:14: Nathan Rushton from Nelson, Nelson: thankyou Michael & Jonah
03/20/2010 14:30:25: Randyn Seibold from Calgary Alberta, Canada: Thanks Earthship Biotecture!
03/20/2010 14:30:27: Susan Hanks: 🙂
03/20/2010 14:30:33: phoebe grealy from sydney, australia: Q for later: where do you source all of the materials from? for a project in Australia would we provide and source the tyres etc for you?
03/20/2010 14:30:34: Elissa Brown from Woodstock, Georgia: Thanks!!!
03/20/2010 14:30:37: Tyler Wachal from Winnipeg: I sent you an e-mail Ben
03/20/2010 14:30:39: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: Which solar panels are more efficient for Earthsip use? Looking frward to the answer!
03/20/2010 14:30:43: Ben Rasmussen: Thanks guys!
03/20/2010 14:30:55: Pedro Pla-Davila from Dominican Republic: I’ve become an acolyte!
03/20/2010 14:31:01: Jonah Reynolds: THANKS EVERYONE!
03/20/2010 14:31:10: Gabrielle Lilly from Albuquerque, NM: any opinions on earthbags and domes? additions?
03/20/2010 14:31:13: Jeri Sahlin from Silver City, New Mexico: BRAVO! MANY THANKS***
03/20/2010 14:31:15: paulette zander from e, nm: thank you michael from fl.
03/20/2010 14:31:16: Jonah Reynolds: http://earthship.com/contact-earthship-biotecture
03/20/2010 14:31:26: Deor Braun from Missouri: Thanks for a great webinar!
03/20/2010 14:31:29: Susan Hanks: thank YOU!
03/20/2010 14:31:30: Tom Lampros from Cambridge, NY: The answer comes up every morning!
03/20/2010 14:31:40: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: great enjoyed it
03/20/2010 14:31:41: Chris Ward from Grand Rapids, MI: thank you
03/20/2010 14:31:42: Dimiter Chamurliysky from Bulgaria: thanks!
03/20/2010 14:31:44: Maria Marasigan from New City, NY: thanks
03/20/2010 14:31:53: Maria Marasigan from New City, NY: hope to work with ya’ll soon
03/20/2010 14:32:07: Paula Allen from Waco, Texas: can we keep chating after he leaves
03/20/2010 14:32:10: James Rudolph from Sebastopol , CA: awesome
03/20/2010 14:32:29: Christine Brosnan from United Kingdom: thank you
03/20/2010 14:32:47: Daniel A. Dynan from PA: Thanks. Take care.
03/20/2010 14:32:57: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: planning the trip for the seminar in May! I’m SO excited!
03/20/2010 14:33:25: Karin Svec from Yukon, Canada: so many Qs so little time – thanks for this great webinar!
03/20/2010 14:33:38: Tyler Wachal from Winnipeg: ben rasmussen, the e-mail address I sent didn’t work. could you provide again?
03/20/2010 14:33:42: helen thomson from netherlands: One more technical Q: We were only able to access one slide, but there seemed to be about 30 mb of slides loading when we logged in. Are there more, is there any other way to access them? TIA
03/20/2010 14:33:46: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: what’s the seminar in may?
03/20/2010 14:34:06: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: in New Mexico at the research center
03/20/2010 14:34:22: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: aha, thanks!
03/20/2010 14:34:39: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: check it out – interested in going?
03/20/2010 14:35:21: Tom TenHoopen from Detroit, MI: totally interested! we’ll email you in a few min. (this is diane, again) 🙂
03/20/2010 14:35:44: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: Great!
03/20/2010 14:36:13: Michele Kanarek from Tamarac FL: what dates for the seminar
03/20/2010 14:36:27: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: May 28-30
03/20/2010 14:36:46: Michele Kanarek from Tamarac FL: how much?
03/20/2010 14:37:06: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: I can’t remember – $450/person?
03/20/2010 14:37:33: Michele Kanarek from Tamarac FL: not too bad. is it full yet?
03/20/2010 14:37:36: TRISTA JOHNS from michigan: check out the education tab on the website