by Kirsten Jacobsen

Work resumed in earnest today on the EVE Project following Michael Reynolds’ return from the Earthship Project in Todos Santos, Mexico.

Michael lined up Earthship foreman Phil Basehart on the next steps for the second tower. This structure will be three stories tall.


The crew dug down into the earth with the help of a jackhammer and sent the dirt up in buckets to the tire pounders up top. Earthship crew members were helped by Earthship Interns from Session 1. Though the day was sunny the site was surrounded by mud from a recent snow melt.

EVE, the Earthship Village Ecologies project, has no scheduled completion date and ultimately a very large scope. It will connect three existing Earthships with new structures and become a live/work/food production “hive of activity” with 25 people living there full time. It also will become New Mexico and the world’s first Sustainable Development Testing Site, a research and development facility for self-sufficient living methods.