cucumber plantThis cucumber plant is growing in a suspended growing bucket near the west side door in our Earthship Visitors Center greenhouse. The plant is three to four months old and has yielded 23 large cucumbers to date, and is still going strong!

Three large eight inch cucumbers were picked about 10 days ago. Today, 11/26/12, I picked 13 eight inch cucumbers, which are on display at our Earthship Visitors Center for the day. All the employees here today, will be able to take a cucumber home  for dinner.


cucumber plant

There are still 7 three to six inch long cucumbers still developing on this vine!

We will keep you updated on how many total cucumbers we got from this one amazing plant.

(In these pictures above one can count 8 large cucumbers still hanging on the vine. Picture on the right  shows the amazing cucumber plant growing in the suspended growing bucket with todays harvest of 13 eight inch cucumbers.)

cucumber plant

Earthships are amazing!
an abundance of cucumbers in Winter!