Earthship Nightly Rentals

Earthy, geeky getaway

So what did you think of “The Interview?” Surely you’re not the only person on the planet without an opinion. Oh, did you take advantage of holiday doorbuster deals last month? And do you have Valentine’s Day plans yet?

Sorry to get your blood boiling in just a few lines of text, but it’s to illustrate a point: The noise is stressing us out! Time to get off the grid.

Earthship Nightly Rentals

Here’s one of the best ways to do it: Spend a couple of nights in an Earthship.


These structures are meticulously designed to work in conjunction with the planet, with walls made from recycled materials like mud-packed old tires and water captured as it falls from the sky, then used and reused and reused some more. They’re built into slopes or berms on one side for highly efficient earthen insulation. The sunny side is fitted with windows built at angles chosen to maximize sunlight reflection during the summer months and absorption during the winter months, when the sun is lower in the sky.

The catch? You’ll burn a pretty good amount of gas getting to the most famous ones, which are rentable nightly. They’re in Taos, N.M., which has the added benefit of being Taos, N.M.


The studio Earthship — I’ve stayed there, it’s plenty roomy for two, and “peaceful” is underselling it — is about $145 per night. Funky, artsy Taos is just under 300 miles from Denver and if you’re getting 20 miles to the gallon, you’ll need about $90 for gas. If you stay two nights, you’ve got $120 left — bring some food to cook in the Earthship kitchen and supplement with a dinner out at the touristy Alley Cantina, or something a little quieter.

Bring a couple of library books and board games and you’ll be all set to reset, geeking out over one of the coolest dwellings you’ll have ever seen. Check for rooms and rates. — Dave Burdick

from the Denver Post