Earthship Village Ecologies Workshop – 15 May – 09 June 2017, Capurgana, Colombia

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This workshop aims to teach ANYONE willing to learn how to build a self sufficient house and experience a new kind of human settlement on Earth.

Living a life changing experience has never been so easy with EARTHSHIP BIOTECTURE, as the company can now welcome you on a new training site to teach you how to build an Earthship in just 4 weeks: From May 15th to June 9th 2017 Michael Reynolds and his crew will be able to offer one of the best trainings in green architecture in the World.

Earthship Biotecture has gained access to five acres of land on a beautiful remote beach in Caribbean Colombia. The plan is to build an Earthship Village Ecologies (EVE) sustainable living Campus which will also function as an Earthship Academy Satellite campus, that will be available for people from all over the world to participate in the development of sustainable technologies applicable to the entire planet. The studies available on this campus will include all Earthship technologies, philosophy, and political directions for the future.

If there ever was a time when this is needed it is NOW.

This project will start with the construction of one of about thirty tropical sustainable housing units during a workshop in May. Between May 15 and June 9 2017, we will be inviting 60 people to help and learn how to build the latest “Earthship steep slope tropical living unit”, inspired by the REACH community in Taos, New Mexico, with all the latest in Earthship systems and thinking.

Michael Reynolds is leading the build, and his experienced crew will take you under their wings to show you how to build Earthships including the 6 basic Earthship principles:
1 Heat and cool themselves naturally via solar/thermal dynamics
2 Collect their own power from the sun/wind
3 Harvest their own water from rain and snow
4 Contain and treat their own sewage on site
5 Produce a significant amount of food
6 Are constructed using the byproducts of modern society like cans, bottles and tires.

You will learn that building a house is accessible. We picked our best instructors and tools are provided. You will have a lot of hands on work and learn traditional building techniques such as mixing concrete, plastering, carpentry but also specific Earthship features like recycling, how to make a tyre wall, a glass bottle wall, botanical cells and more…

The crew will work 8hours per day from Monday to Saturday (however, Saturday is optional for participants and you don’t have to follow our time schedules either), but we will make sure you also have good theoretical learning as we are offering numerous Q&A sessions where you will be able to get answers to all the questions you may have directly from Earthship Crew.

Finally, we will have time to sing, snorkel, and party together and you can also take few days off to get the opportunity to discover Colombia’s beauty.

Please click here to read more on The concept behind Earthship Village Ecologies – E.V.E.

Earthship Colombia is located on private land on a beach near the town of Capurgana. It is ONLY accessible by boat.

Places are limited so please act quickly to reserve your spot.

Participation fee 4 weeks:

USD $1,500 for Latin American passport holders.

USD $2,000 for all others. 

Accommodation: camp sites in a grass field with toilet facilities.

Lunch and dinner will be provided.

A complete information pack can be shared with you upon request.

For any further questions or to sign up, please email or

or call us at +1 575 751-0462 or  +1 575 613-4899