Germany Earthship Build Learning Opportunity

Earthship Biotecture is looking for apprentices to join the Earthship Crew to build a Global Model Earthship in Germany this October. Learn how to layout an Earthship, pound tires, install the solar glazing, pack out interior walls, build interior can walls and launch on solar power and off-grid water systems and much more…

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Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide

Zur Feier des #earthday war das noch3 Team am Earthship-Festival in Köln Holweide mit gutem Essen und functional Training auch vertreten. #eatclean #traindirty #noch3 #earthday #earthship #easyearthshipcrew #cologne A photo posted by Noch3 Performance Center (@noch3_performance) on Apr 22, 2015 at 12:13pm PDT

Earthship Workshop in Portugal, Vale De Prazeres

Earthship Workshop in Portugal, Vale De Prazeres From August 18th to September 12th (4 weeks) Be part of a hands-on community workshop In Portugal where an old stone building (ruin) will be turned into a new, fully self-sustainable building. This will be a great educational opportunity especially for those who seek to learn how to transform & re-design (Retrofit!) any existing building into a fully self-sustainable building. By learning how to apply the six...Read More

2014 Earthship Lecture Tour With Michael Reynolds

This spring Michael Reynolds will be hosting a series of lectures about Earthships in multiple cities around Europe. This is an effort to share 40 years of research and development on self-sufficient housing with the masses. The lectures are structured as a 1-day seminar in each European city (see dates below). Many concepts and issues within sustainability will be discussed but the main focus is on the...Read More

2014 European Earthship lecture tour

Michael Reynolds will be touring Europe this spring presenting the Earthship concept and systems. Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal - Saturday, May 10 Ordea, Romania - Saturday, May 17 Berlin, Germany - Saturday, May 24 Tickets on sale now!

Earthship Workshop in Sweden | April 19 - 21

Earthship Workshop in Sweden | April 19 - 21 tickets: SAFE - Sustainable Autonomy For Everyone Earthship Workshop i Stockholm med arkitekten Michael Reynolds Michael Reynolds har 40 års erfarenhet av forskning, utveckling och byggnation av självförsörjande & energieffektiva bostäder 3 DAGARS WORKSHOP OM EKOLOGISK ARKITEKTUR, BYGGMETODER & TILLÄMPNING   Sex grundprinciper för...Read More

Stockholm Event – April 19th-21st

Stockholm Event – April 19th-21st Currently Earthship Biotecture is building a 3-U Survival Pod Earthship for Romeo Apen and his family alongside of Long Way Home.  Here in Comalapa, Guatemala we have volunteers from all over the world on the job site.  Involved in the build includes members of Earthship Biotecture Sweden who are here to learn about the building techniques in order to bring the concept back home. Kristofer and Juliana...Read More

Public’s views sought on eco village plan

from residents in Burntisland are being asked for their views on a proposed forthcoming eco project in the town. SCI at the Earthship (Sustainable Communities Initiatives) is in the process of applying to Fife Council for planning permission to develop an eco site on land in Burntisland known locally as the Widows Land. As well as building 12 eco homes for people to rent as affordable housing,...Read More

Get back to nature: Alastair Sawday picks his favourite French getaways

Get back to nature: Alastair Sawday picks his favourite French getaways A writer should seize the imagination in the opening sentence. Well, how about "a retired fishing boat that has become a cottage", or "sleep in a sweet-smelling hayloft"? Irresistible. I want to be there immediately. If I still had young children I would haul them there in the full certainty that they would not want to leave. And I, of course, would be in intimate contact with my inner child, the one who once built...Read More

Living Your House

Living Your House Ever since I watched the first Pippi Longstocking movie I knew that I loved a house that is not normal. She lives in a villa that in English is called 'Villa Villekulla', not just an awesome house on the outside, but just as fresh and authentic on the inside. The furniture is unique, all with wonderfull playfull but natural -lovingly made - details, all made for actual using.And the way that Pippi makes use of the...Read More

Scotlands First Earthship

Scotlands First Earthship Not only Scotland's first, but the first to be built in the UK, the construction of Earthship Fife Visitor Centre was begun in July 2002 during an intensive 8 day building programme with American Earthship pioneer Michael Reynolds and 11 trainees from across Scotland and England. From July 2002 to 2004 more than 200 volunteers completed the Earthship during weekends and work experience days. Overlooking Kinghorn...Read More

Earthships in the Czech Republic

Earthships in the Czech Republic (this page) Zeměloď news - Prague Earthship Build Video   Michael Reynolds at the “Na plovárně” Talkshow SOON ČT 2 is going to broadcast interview with Michael Reynolds and Marek Eben at the “Na plovárně” talk-show on Saturday 13th November at 21:25 (orginally scheduled for Saturday 2nd October). The interview was recorded during Michael's stay...Read More

A letter from Michael Reynolds, in Copenhagen

I just read this executive order copy from the governor of california, Arnold Schwarzenegger about Sea Levels rising, etc. It is not out of the question that this method be used to move forward in todays world. It is clear that nothing tangible will happen here in Copenhagen between all the countries to effect climate ...change.   Executive orders on state levels are a tangible move toward something...Read More


EARTHSHIP: LA NAVE NODRIZA DE LA BIOTECTURA Hace más de treinta años, Mike Reynolds, un joven arquitecto recién licenciado vio en televisión un reportaje sobre las ingentes cantidades de basura que se generaban en las ciudades norteamericanas. Le impactaron, sobre todo, las imágenes de latas de bebidas tiradas en los parques. Eran los tiempos en los que el verbo "reciclar" no existía más que en el vocabulario de los pioneros activistas del ecologismo...Read More

Earthships Village Design

by Michael Reynolds This is “biotecture” designed for a city in Turkey. There is a mile-long bike lane through the Commons. Not only is the guy riding through the Commons’ greenhouse, this buffer zone contains the facility’s sewage treatment, water catchment and food production. The outside climate gets tempered twice on the way into the private homes – once in the Commons and then in the personal...Read More

Prague Discussion with Earthship Biotects

Prague Discussion with Earthship Biotects o. s. Zeměloď invites you to a Discussion With Earthship Biotects Anne Temple and Demian Larsen Thursday 8th July at 19.00 in the Kampa Theatre, Nosticova 2a, Praha 1. - For those interested in building an Earthship. During the discussion: • Skype conference with Mike Reynolds • Practical exchange of experience with members of the team • Tombola and fundraising campaign...Read More

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Earthship construction drawings are designed to meet standard building code requirements so you can get a permit no matter where you are. Earthship Biotecture is beyond LEED Architecture. Earthships are green buildings that meet standard building codes. EarthshipBiotecture is based on the work of principal architect, Michael Reynolds. (see: media resume)

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