Malawi, Africa Community Center Earthship

Malawi Second Hit

12-24 January 2015

We are looking for 40 volunteers to finish the community center in Kapita, Malawi. In the last hit in October 2013, three and a half rooms were built as well as the foundations for the rest of the building laid out. The current rooms are already being used as a bank and for storage.

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The Malawi flower has happened. Three rooms, two toilets, and a shower are built.
We want to thank the local people of Kapita who made all of us feel at home while we worked with them.
We want to thank the student soldiers who helped to both finance and build this project.
We want to thank Empower Malawi for facilitating the initial beginnings of this project.
We want to thank the many who donated and are still donating funds toward this project.
We want to thank the Earthship crew for another amazing performance.
We all became an Earthship family of seventy working toward a single goal for that two weeks.
The project ended with a full moon and full hearts.
Long live the Earthship family.

We are hoping that the local people of Kapita can finish this flower
just as the people of Sierra Leone finished theirs.
We plan to provide them with the funds to purchase materials over the next few months.
Our goal for this will be $60,000 that we will provide for them in three $20,000 hits.
We invite everyone to continue helping to fund this project until this goal is met.
Please Donate now.
More pictures and a video will be coming soon to facilitate the sharing of this experience
that so many helped to make happen.

Thank you all

michael reynolds

Images from the field (more coming soon)
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  • malawi camping1
  • malawi pounding3 sml
  • malawi pounding3
  • malawi vault2
  • malawi vault1
  • malawi orientation
  • malawi overview2
  • malawi lunch



photo by Frederica Miglio and Alessandro Turci

photos by Frederica Miglio and Alessandro Turci

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